Day Excursion

Southsea Food Festival

Southsea Food Festival
Sunday 21st July 2024
Pick Up 0730-0900
Scores of food and drink stalls will line Palmerston, Clarendon, and Osborne Roads, as well as Avenue de Caen. Local restaurants and businesses will showcase their offerings, featuring food from the South Coast inspired by far-flung corners of the world. Expect a wide range of products, including everything from chocolate and cake to sausages, cheese, condiments, and even Portsmouth-aged rum.
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Pickup points & times
Route A1
  • Minster, Oak Lane British Queen Bus Stop
  • The Broadway, Wards Hill Bottom Bus Stop
  • Halfway Road, Danley Road Bus Stop
  • Sheerness Station Bus Stop o/s Arriva Garage
  • Queenborough Station Bus Stop
  • Queenborough Corner opposite Aviator PH
  • Kemsley, Grovehurst Road, Milton Creek Bus Stop
  • Sittingbourne Bus Hub Stop 4
  • Newington High Street, The Bull Bus Stop
  • Rainham High Street, The Cricketers Bus Stop
  • Parkwood, Deanwood Drive, Spice Fusion Bus Stop
  • Wigmore, Wigmore Road, Kenyon Walk Bus Stop